Welcome To Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education

At the stage of budding of today's blooming institution nor'-wester blew several times over it and made it displaced from homestead now and then.So it had to sail for hard difficult voyages to find a permanent shelter here and there with its only viaticus of "Government Recognition".At the end of aimless journey, the college has managed find its permanent abode at the end of 1978 at a land of 36.5 decimal with a 2000sq.ft onestoried Pokka building, donate by the authority of the famous "Sri Sri Nityananda Math" of village.Chanduria, P.O. :Shimurali, Dist: Nadia. Subsequently, in comply with the holy wish of the

"Math" authority this college took the name after the "Math" foundry Sri Sachinandan Das Mahanta Maharaj. Thus, by journey of changes, the name of this college also underwent several chages from "Bhagirathi Post Graduate Teachers Training College" to "Bhagirathi College of Education", later on to "Shimurali College of Education" and finally "Shimurali College of Education" has been substantially converted to "Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education" on and from 5th march, 1984. Turning aside disasters at different times in past the eulogized institution is still conscious in its own obligation .