About the College


Welcome to Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education (SSCE), the shining beacon of knowledge and the only Government-Aided Teachers' Training College in Nadia District. Our path is a magnificent tapestry, weaved with strands of dedication, altruism, and a common desire to nurture new-age educators.

The correct blossoming of any creature requires a synergy between the creator's vision and the manifestation of creation. In 1971, the auspicious hopes and devoted efforts of intellectual persons brought this synergy to fruition. After leaving from Kalyani B.T. College, Prof. Late Birendramohan Acharyya envisioned establishing a B.T. College. His desire was granted by the late Lieutenant Colonel Dwijendranath Bhattacharyya, who at the time was the head of Bhagirathi Shilpashram.

In a harmonic collaboration, Prof. Acharyya was given three two-storied buildings appended to Bhagirathi Shilpashram, establishing the "Bhagirathi College of Education." This, affiliated to the University of Kalyani, heralded the optimistic beginning of a magnificent teachers' training institution.

The transition from "Bhagirathi College of Education" to "Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education" has been one of transformation, progress, and unwavering dedication to quality. Today, SSCE stands tall as a sign of academic greatness, influencing educators' futures and contributing to the region's educational growth.

With our Golden Jubilee Celebration now officially concluded, SSCE is a living reminder of a magnificent past filled with academic achievement and unwavering commitment to the worthy goal of education. As the sole Government-Aided Teachers' Training College in Nadia District, we remain a beacon for aspiring educators across the country.

As you enter SSCE, you join a heritage that has celebrated fifty years of effective education. Join us on this journey where education meets inspiration, and each student embodies the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Sri Tibrajyoti Das

President, Governing Body